Live Action Learning

What's that?
Live Action Keynotes

Live Action Keynotes

Looking for a lecture that's not just talk, but action-packed? A keynote that truly makes an impact? A chat that's refreshingly different? Well, that's what we bring to the table. We start with the belief that your audience learns best by doing, making the process more enjoyable than passively soaking up information. Right?

Live Action Games

Live Action Games

Serious games are perfect for making learning enjoyable and accessible. At Live Action Learning, we achieve this with our Mobile Escape Room, serious larps, or a custom game crafted just for you.

Live Action Leadership

Live Action Leadership

Ready for a unique leadership training experience that fast-tracks personal growth? Our 4-day live action leadership training does just that. Together, we pinpoint your growth opportunities, and then the adventure kicks off—will you be part of it?

In the moment, on the spot
Through action, movement, acting… doing
Discovering more about yourself

Meet the Team

One does the writing, the other takes the stage. One leans towards logic, the other towards emotion. One excels in strategic thinking, the other in hands-on execution. A couple for over 16 years and colleagues for more than 8 years—basically, the perfect recipe for a top-notch team.

Gijs van Bilsen

Chief Inspiration Officer

Gijs is a captivating speaker who seamlessly blends his expertise in improvisation, theater, and LARP with a decade of business experience.

Anne van Barlingen

Head of imagination

Anne is a passionate speechwriter who has been combining her practical and creative skills with her knowledge of communication and audiences for over 10 years.

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