Serious games are a great way to teach people while keeping it fun and accessible. At Live Action Learning, we do this through our Mobile Escape Room, Serious Larps, or by customizing a game just for you. We excel in games where collaboration is key. While digital options are available, we prefer the live, in-person experience. 

What is a serious game?  
Typically, we start with a learning objective, such as team development. We then craft a game that seamlessly integrates these objectives in an enjoyable manner. For instance, our Mobile Escape Room focuses on team development, incorporating themes like trust, decision-making, and communication. But truthfully, we can tailor a game to address almost any learning goal, whether it’s knowledge transfer, skill-building, or raising awareness about an important topic. 

What is a serious larp? 
Learning by doing ensures a swift and lasting impact. That’s why we’re big proponents of Serious Larps. These scenarios immerse all participants in specific roles for an extended period. This allows for interaction in a safe yet engaging environment, where learning objectives can be experienced firsthand. One notable Serious Larp we’ve facilitated for the United Nations delves into innovation and encourages participants to empathize with customers or end users. 

Why does it work?  
Serious games offer a secure space for learning. When we design a game, we ensure all relevant processes are included, free from the constraints or inhibitions (‘yes, but that’s not how we do it here’ or ‘things are going well anyway’) often encountered in real-life situations. This enables individuals to experiment with new behaviours or collectively explore alternative approaches. Plus, the element of fun inherent in gaming makes participation and learning all the more enjoyable. 

What suits you? 
As for the shape of our games, they come in various forms—from board games to escape rooms, from Teams- or Zoommeetings to fully transformed theatres. But regardless of the format, our focus remains on the people playing the game together. We design the interaction and the overall experience, stimulating imagination and encouraging movement. We’re eager to hear how we can assist you!