What can you learn from your imagination? More than you think. For instance, you can learn that you are capable of more than you believe. Or how to gain more empathy for others.

Summon your talent
There is a lot of undiscovered talent within all of us. Some abilities we are already aware of, but others remain hidden. Imagine being able to uncover those hidden talents whenever you want. And then being able to use them to improve yourself.

In this fascinating speech, Gijs van Bilsen takes you on a journey to discover your own talents. Using the power of imagination, you will learn about your hidden abilities and gain more self-confidence. It will be a fun event, filled with laughter and friendship, and everyone will leave with a better version of themselves.

Empathy for others
But it doesn’t stop there. Imagination also fosters empathy. Step into someone else’s shoes and understand their world. Through this empathetic approach, you will not only get to know yourself better but also the people around you or those you wish to reach.

Tailormade for enthusiasm
We tailor the speech to your event or organization. Together, we choose which talents to highlight and which group you want to enhance empathy for. So, do you want a room full of empathetic people? An audience that radiates positivity as they head to the reception? Or individuals who actively engage in conversations about entrepreneurship? Book this lecture now for your company or event.

Made by a great team 

Our keynote is a collaborative effort. A splendid blend of Anne’s expertise as a speechwriter, Gijs’s proficiency as a speaker, and their combined experience as game developers. Together, we relish crafting keynotes and lectures on diverse topics, whether it’s imagination, making your work ‘irresistibly awesome,’ creativity, entrepreneurship, or improvisation. Or an energetic lecture tailor-written for your specific needs.¬†


We’ll be speaking soon at those companies or events:

5 & 6 May: Impact Fair, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands
11 May: Nordic Larp Talks, Tampere, Finland
12 May: Solmukohta, Tampere, Finland

11 June: deWorkshopRuimte, Utrecht, The Netherlands (public, in Dutch)
12 June: Isala Klinieken, Zwolle, The Netherlands
26 July: Universiteit Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

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