Imagine any conference room. Now add a pile of archive boxes brimming with tales of resistance heroes, and an archivist who’s utterly stumped. What on earth do these chests hold? What secrets do they conceal? It’s clear he needs a crack team to crack this mystery. Are you up for the challenge of solving assignments, puzzles, and surprises? Will you uncover the truth about the resistance heroes before time runs out? 

In terms of content, the mobile Escape Room for Team Development offers more than just a thrilling activity. It’s grounded in validated theories about talents and team development. The puzzles are strategically crafted to enhance communication, leadership, and trust, among other essential skills. In essence, it combines the excitement of a traditional Escape Room with the enriching experience of professional training. 

Practically speaking, the Mobile Escape Room can be set up in any meeting room, accommodating 4 to 8 participants at a time. A supervisor collaborates with the team to discuss their learning objectives and how they can apply newfound insights in their daily routines. 

For larger groups or multiple teams, we seamlessly integrate the Escape Room with workshops that delve deeper into understanding each other’s strengths, roles within the team, and the current phase of team development. 

The investment for the first team of 4-8 people is €1500, with an additional €750 for each extra team.