Imagine immersing yourself completely in your leadership development, dedicating several days to working intensely on your goals. Experiencing your future self. That’s precisely what Live Action Leadership Development offers: a potent training programme that combines Action Learning (learning by doing) and Live Action Roleplay (Larp, assuming a character). 

A Novel and Unique Approach

This innovative method focuses sharply on specific leadership issues like ‘providing clear and businesslike leadership’ or being ‘approachable and human’. Do you aspire to offer more servant leadership, delegate more effectively, or provide clearer guidance? Perhaps you seek to leverage your strengths, learn from past pitfalls, or gain empathy for challenges you face? Participants have reported significant improvements in these areas with what they describe as “laser precision” or a rediscovery of qualities long dormant. 

Central to our approach is ‘Embodied, Embedded Learning’. You’ll embody what you’re striving to learn, with the entire environment tailored to your learning objectives. Picture yourself in a movie, fully immersed in the character, experiencing what they experience. This technique, often used by therapists for breakthroughs, allows you to personally engage with complex issues such as asylum or climate policy. 

Intensive Guidance

This experience unfolds alongside a small group of participants (8-12 people) and an equal number of supervisors (trainers, executive coaches, actors, and chefs). Beforehand, you’ll have several intake sessions to outline your learning goals and understand what to expect. Based on this, we craft a character tailored just for you. 

Experimenting with Behavior

Throughout the training, you’ll predominantly assume a role, slightly different from yourself. Together with others, you’ll play out a scenario spanning several days, providing a unique opportunity to experiment with new behaviours and observe their impact. We create a realistic, business-like setting to ensure leadership development occurs within a familiar context. Reflection periods are interspersed throughout, and you’re encouraged to shape the game to maximise your learning. 

Full Focus on Your Learning Objective

Your learning goals remain the focal point, with our luxurious Villa Spa in Belgium providing a serene backdrop, complete with private accommodations and our own chefs catering to your needs. 

This intensive training spans from Thursday evening to Sunday morning, followed by a return day in the Netherlands two weeks later to delve deeper into your insights. Altogether, including intake sessions, the training spans four days. 

Cost: € 4750,- per participant, plus accommodation costs (approximately € 450,-)